Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kamilah Willacy Debuts 2015 Kamilah Willacy Signature Collection of Luxury Accessories

Decadent Minaudieres and Handbags Featuring Original Architectural-Influenced Artwork

New York, NY February 18, 2015- American based luxury handbag designer Kamilah Willacy launches her new 2015 Kamilah Willacy Signature Collection. The Kamilah Willacy brand is a luxury handbags and accessories line featuring pieces that are feminine forward, minimal and functional with an architectural spin. 

The Kamilah Willacy Signature Collection will feature eight different styles, Monaro, Mosai, Morah, Jadhi, Despar, Jeni-L, Jeni-S and Zoi with various colors available for each. Prices range from $225 to $580. 

Originally an architect student from Maryland, Kamilah moved to New York where she developed a strong love for fashion and accessories leading her to pursue a degree in fashion and enrolling at FIT and later at Polimoda (IT). Sticking to her architectural roots and incorporating her fashion experience, Kamilah  introduced a line of accessories that experimented combining her two passions, providing a truly unique product. In 2010 the WILLaCY New York line was born, Kamilah's first line of luxury handbags, known for their sleek and clean shapes combined with serene detailing. WILLaCY New York has gained popularity overseas and continues to reach high sale rates in the Middle East. Since then, Kamilah Willacy has created the Kamilah Willacy Signature collection that is both feminine and functional, mixing perfectly her expertise in architectural and fashion designs. 

The Kamilah Willacy collection uses unconventional materials such as real architectural steel and resin poured glass finishes, along with natural resources such as wood and marbles and an array of materials used to build spaces. Each design results in a work of art that is made to last and truly emphasizes the importance of quality construction. “I want to continue to create bags for those who crave art and bespoke pieces,” says designer Kamilah Willacy of her innovative fashion accessories.  

The 2015 Kamilah Willacy Signature Collection features evening minaudieres with original artwork by Kamilah and a high glass resin poured finish, evening gold metal clutches with acrylic glass rectangular jewels and oval evening bags with signature horn push closures. All handbags and accessories include a removable chain. Frame color options include polished chrome, polished brass, polish black chrome, polished black, polished gunmetal and polished white chrome. The oval evening bags are available in silk, cowhide leather, lambskin leather and woven printed artwork printed fabric.

The 2015 Kamilah Willacy Signature Collection is available on the Kamilah Willacy website. For more information on Kamilah Willacy luxury handbags and accessories, please visit


Kamilah Willacy is a American based luxury handbag designer that perfectly embodies her background of architectural knowledge and fashion experiences in her accessory designs. The Kamilah Willacy Signature collection includes decadent  minaudieres and evening handbags featuring original artwork by Kamilah herself. All accessories are created with unconventional materials along with natural resources.

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Morphew on KCal9

In case you missed it, here's yesterday's KCal9's "Red Carpet Ready" segment featuring Morphew!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hogshead Tavern Launches New Brunch Menu On Valentine's Day

Hogshead Tavern brings in a variety of the world’s top craft beer and new brunch menu to its prestigious location in the Hamilton Heights section of Harlem

Hogshead tavern captures the essence of Harlem with its beer and wine on tap, trendy atmosphere and new brunch menu

New York, New York February 13, 2015 – Hogshead Tavern is excited to announce they will be serving brunch beginning Saturday, February 14th. Brunch will be served every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30am to 4pm. Hogshead Tavern is the new and ultimate craft beer experience in the Hamilton Heights section of Harlem. Hogshead Tavern is owned and operated by Harlem locals Tara Wholley and Leigh Corcoran who are part owners of the popular, Churchill Tavern in Midtown Manhattan.

Hogshead Tavern which opened it's doors September 15th, 2014 in just a few short months has become the hidden gem quickly gaining momentum of Harlem residents. Hogshead Tavern simply incorporates great craft beer by some of the countries top brewers, shared plates and great energy in a unique atmosphere built for locals, tourist and craft beer enthusiast. Hogshead Tavern is easily located at 125 Hamilton Place New York, New York.

"We wanted to bring really great American and imported craft beer to Harlem and make it something everyone could appreciate and enjoy. Our goal was to create a warm an inviting atmosphere that reflects the neighborhood vibe of Harlem” –Tara Wholley, Co-owner and General Manager of Hogshead Tavern

With Hogshead Tavern's new brunch menu you can expect the same mighty share plate experience as their evening menu leaving nothing unwarranted as a destination spot for weekend travelers and locals who enjoy the Hogshead experience. Brunch will include many signature dishes such as the  Hogshead Eggs Benedict, Fried Egg Sandwich, Steak & Eggs Sliders, Kale & Crimini Mushroom Omelette and Hogshead PB & J French Toast. While signature Hogshead Tavern cocktails will include choices of the Bloody Mary Skinny or the Prize Hog, Hogshead Mimosa, Sparkling Sow and more.

The addition to their menu is just one of many sought after pleasures that Hogshead Tavern provides. From monthly beer events, happy hour and the opportunity to partake in their craft beer challenge at the bar. Hogshead Tavern currently offers 20 tap lines of craft breweries and continues to widen their selection. Along with craft beer, they carry wine on tap, an outstanding selection of top shelf whiskey.

About Hogshead Tavern
Hogshead Tavern is Harlem’s newest ultimate craft beer experience! Small, independent and rich in its tradition just like its prestigious yet historic location in Hamilton Heights. We have captured the essence of Harlem with our very own neighborhood feel embellished with our signature Hogshead shared plates, wine on tap, craft beer and trendy atmosphere.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Morphew Scores Big on Trend Hunter

Have you seen the latest fashion reviews on Morphew's Summer 2015 and Unisex lines made the cut and their readers are loving them!

Don't forget to check out to check out what else the brand has available.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Tips for Tennis Players

In honor of the Australian Open, Podiatrist & Human Movement Specialist Dr. Emily Splichal shares some tips for tennis players.

Tune in today at 2pm (EST) to catch the match, but in the meantime here are Dr. Emily's words of advice:

Tennis Sneaker vs. Running Shoe
Footwear is designed for protection and to enhance function. Although not all sports require footwear (hence the barefoot running trend), in certain sports it provides a functional benefit.

Tennis is characterized by multi-directional movements requiring rapid deceleration, pivots and change of direction. This means a shoe must allow enough traction to help in slowing down, but not restrict the pivots or change in direction.

If you look at the bottom of a tennis shoe - You see that it is flat without the typical treads of a running shoe or hiking shoe.

Tennis shoes have begun to take shift towards a more minimal design which follows the trend in minimal running shoes. Studies have shown that we have faster foot control and ankle stability the stronger the small muscles are in the feet. With a direct correlation between strong feet and barefoot training and minimal shoes, tennis shoe design is following suit.

If you look at a running shoe (compared to a tennis shoe) this is designed knowing that running  is a primarily linear movement. The way the foot strikes the ground and pushes off is sagittal or linear.   The bottom of the shoe reflects this -

Barefoot Training for Tennis Players
Barefoot training for tennis players is very important - despite it being a shod sport. I like to apply what is called "barefoot before shod" which means activate and strengthen the foot (with the core) before putting on the shoes. This means a tennis play should warm up their body and wake up their nervous system (the nervous system controls all our movements) with 5 minutes of foot activation.

After training or playing tennis with shoes would come "foot recovery". I recommend standing on a golf ball or lacrosse ball (or whatever) for 5 minutes after physical activity. This will resent all the fascial tissue and relax the small muscles on the bottom of the foot.

Shoe Size
Wearing shoes a size smaller than your normal size is a perceived advantage because tennis has so many multi-directional movements which are stop & go. Every stop or change in direction will cause the foot to move around in the shoe. Wearing a smaller shoe will prevent this sliding around. The downside is of course you are putting excess pressure on the small digits of the foot and could cause hammertoes, corns, blisters.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Michael Clayton on The Meredith Vieira Show!

Tune in tomorrow Friday, January 30th to catch Michael Clayton on The Meredith Vieira Show! Here's some behind the scenes footage:

 To check your local listings, please visit:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Morphew @ Bustown Modern Listed on LA Racked

There's officially one more month left to do your red carpet style & vintage shopping with Morphew @ Bustown Modern! This week, shopping and style guide LA Racked has the pop-up featured on their site:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Morphew Featured on California Apparel News

California Apparel News stopped by Morphew @ Bustown Modern last week. The brand's CEO/Founder Bridgette Morphew and Creative Director Jason Lyon were on site- check out the link below!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Dr. Emily Splichal: Heels For Every Woman

In case you missed it (or feel like watching it again), here's the clip of Dr. Emily Splichal on The Meredith Vieira Show last week:

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dr. Darren Pollack Shares Tips with Good Housekeeping

Dr. Darren Pollack of DASHA starts the new year off by sharing more tips to readers! This time, he gives insight on how sleeping positions affect your back/spine on "The Essential Guide to Buying Bed Pillows".